UK Skilled Worker Visa Sponsorship with WayMaker Digital

On this webinar, we covered the following: what is the UK skilled worker visa, benefits of getting sponsored to work and live in the UK, WayMaker Digital as your sponsor, our talent recruitment model and success criteria, transitioning from other visa categories

Business Analysis is NOT Dead

The business analyst role is one that seems to be considered both old and new in the same sentence, and yet many people are still asking across various industries if the business analyst role is a dead-end.

The Value of UX Research

Product teams need to consistently ask themselves – are we building what our users want and need? User Experience research gives you a sound and deep understanding of the needs of your customers, backed with usable insights from data. User experience researchers are able to properly and most effectively document the expectations and needs of users.

Let's Talk Big Data?

Big data refers to large, difficult to manage volumes of data existing in both structured and unstructured formats which can be very overwhelming for businesses. These datasets can help to unravel patterns, trends and associations especially as related to human behaviour and interactions. Advantages of utilizing Big Data include data-driven innovation and smarter recommendations and targeting.

Poise Delivery Framework by WayMaker Digital

This event will introduce attendees to the WayMaker Digital POISE Delivery Framework used in executing agile digital transformation projects for clients in the private and public sectors. This webinar seeks to bring this knowledge closer to our target audience focusing on the opportunities and cost-saving for our clients in the Digital Technology space.

Exploring GDS: An understanding of project phases - 2

In this webinar, we will be exploring the Government Digital Service (GDS) agile delivery phases to better understand service design and agile project delivery as well as breaking down ambiguous processes, understanding user needs and building simpler and better services.

Exploring GDS: an understanding of project phases

It is an established fact that the UK Government is serious about agile digital transformation across all government services in the UK which is evident in the creation of the Government Digital Service (GDS). The GDS is part of the Cabinet Office that is responsible for the digital transformation of government using technology and data, building platforms and creating digital service standards.

The Discipline of "Data Lifecycle Management"

Today’s organizations are increasingly data-driven, relying on data to run every aspect of the business — from acquiring customers to creating new products. All the data must be managed throughout its lifecycle (from creation to deletion) and this can be challenging without the right data lifecycle management (DLM) strategy / program in place.

Careers and Opportunities in User Research

User researchers plan, design and carry out research activities with users that help teams get a deep understanding of the people that use technology services. In this webinar, you will learn about the User Researcher role, what skills are needed to succeed in this role at different levels from Beginner to Expert.

Tackling Challenges Within a Business Analyst Role

On this webinar, we examined the challenges within a Business Analyst role and the strategies you can adopt in tackling such challenges. 

#DigitalHangout: Demystifying API Technology

#DigitalHangout: Desmystifying API Technology “An Application Programming Interface (API) is an open set of standards describing how information can be exchanged between applications and services.”

Key Strategies To Launch A Career As Business Analyst or Project Manager

Key Strategies To Launch A Career As Business Analyst or Project Manager: A Free Webinar for aspiring Business Analysts and Project Managers.

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