Data analysis is applied in our everyday lives, if you have researched the best route to take when going to work, used the GPS while driving, used the face recognition on your phone or listened to the weather report, then you have applied data analysis in your life one way of the other.

Data analysis is the process of collecting, cleansing, transforming and modelling data to process useful information, gather insights, inform conclusions and support decision making.

It also helps optimize the performance of businesses.

The process of data analysis is done by a data analyst. Data analysis is a profession that has come to stay and has provided a lot of career opportunities, improved the innovations in the technology sectors, improved business performance and also improved other business sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, logistics, finance and so much more.

So, who are data analysts, why should you be a data analyst, what do data analysts do, when should you be a data analyst, where can you start from and how can you be a data analyst?

The Who

Who are Data analysts?

Data analysts are skilled and expert individuals that make well-informed decisions for business by collecting, organizing and interpreting data. The data interpreted by Data analysts are used to make well-informed decisions, improve business performance, point out areas of improvement and so much more.

The process data analysts go through to give well- informed information is

  1. Data gathering
  2. Data collection
  3. Data cleaning
  4. Data analysis
  5. Data interpretation
  6. Data visualization

Data gathering   Data collection   Data cleaning   Data analysis                                Data interpretation   Data visualization

 The best Data analysts are investigative individuals, curious, methodological, introspective, team leaders and inquisitive

The key soft and hard skills Data analysts should have are

●       Knowledge of Programming languages such as R, SAS, and Python

●       Mathematics and statistical skills

●       Leadership skills

●       Problem-solving skills

●       Accuracy and attention to details

●       Team working skills

●       Interpersonal skills

●       Analytical skills


Why should you be a data analyst?

Data analysts help organizations make better business decisions, increase business success and performance. Other reasons why you should be Data analysts are:

  1. It is one of the high demand skills
  2. High income 
  3. There is room for career development
  4. Wide variety of available roles
  5. Ability to work in any business sector
  6. Some skills like programming can be transferred to other careers
  7. Presence of remote jobs opportunities
  8. Analytics is everywhere


What do data analysts do?

The job functions of data analysts depend on the industry, type of organization and the department in which they work.

Data analysts use data to figure out a few things such as how to price a new product, how to increase business performance, marketing strategies to adopt, operational changes to make, areas of improvement, transportation logistics and so much more.

The general work duties that data analyst carry out are:

  1. Mining data from primary and secondary sources
  2. Spotting patterns in numbers
  3. Collaborating with other departments to interpret what the data means
  4. Preparing results based on analysis to the management
  5. Cleansing and dissecting data to get rid of irrelevant information
  6. Using advanced computerized models to extract data
  7. Analyzing and interpreting data using statistical tools and techniques
  8. Identifying new opportunities for process improvement
  9. Performing an initial analysis to access the quality of the data
  10. Fix code problems and data-related issues
  11. Designing, creating and maintaining databases and data systems

These are a few job duties data analysts perform, they do so much more than this. There are various career paths for data analysts. Some of the Career paths of data analysts are:

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst
  2. Data engineer
  3. Data Scientists
  4. Data analytics consultant
  5. Project manager
  6. Operations analyst
  7. Logistics specialist
  8. Quantitative analysts
  9. Customer Data analysts
  10. Budget analysts


What is the best time to learn how to be a data analyst?

The best time to learn is now. The future is already here and there will be changes in the employment sectors.

With the various transformations and upgrades that have happened in the future of work, it has been proven that Data analysts will be one of the highest jobs in demand.

So, start learning and practising to be a data analyst now. You can start now via \”Momentum by WayMaker Digital.\”

Register for the program here and be a certified and skilled Data analysts in 3 months.


Where is the best place to work as a Data Analyst?

Data analysts are needed in almost all business sectors and this is one of the reasons Data analyst is one of the highest income skills in the world today.

A few examples of business sectors Data analysts can work in are:

  1. Banking and Finance
  2. Pharmaceutical companies
  3. Education
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Telecommunications
  6. Agriculture
  7. Transportation
  8. Health care
  9. Manufacturing and Natural Resources

Data analysts are not limited to these sectors, there are a lot more other business sectors Data analysts can work in.

A few of our students have asked us if they need to relocate to a country where data analysts are in high demand such as Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The answer to the question is No, we are in an era of remote work and the rate of remote work has increased by over 50%.

You can always apply for remote jobs regardless of where you live.


How can you be a data analyst?

Introducing “Momentum” – our fully remote digital work placement at WayMaker Digital.

“Momentum by WayMaker Digital” philosophy is that knowledge is of no value unless it is put into practice. Therefore, the objective is a “fully remote digital work placement, career mentoring and on the job coaching” using a multi-disciplinary approach across six job functions: 

  • Agile project management 
  • Product management 
  • User research 
  • Business analysis 
  • Web development
  • Data analysis 

Below is a summarized list of benefits for signing up for Momentum by WayMaker Digital:

  • Access to modularised training content (certification training, virtual labs and practise tests included)
  • 3 months or 6 months job placement, working with WayMaker Digital agile delivery teams.
  • Ability to switch disciplines or roles to acquire multi-disciplined and transferable skills.
  • Verifiable work experience and references provided for hiring recruiters.
  • Access our digital community of practice as an associate and get exposure to virtual team sessions
  • Personal Branding, covering CV, Linkedin and portfolio development 
  • Interview preparation and on the job support 
  • One to one monthly career mentoring 
  • Instructor-led training and coaching sessions with our professional instructors and coaches who are experts in the field.
  • Private access to personal development webinars and showcases
  • Access to demonstrate, publish or share your work with a community of talented individuals as part of your portfolio development. 
  • Opportunity to join our consultant\’s tribe, standing a chance to work directly with our clients on paid assignments.

Start your journey here with Momentum by WayMaker Digital.

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