jobs in technology that don't require bachelors degree

Tech Jobs: No Bachelor’s Degree Required

In light of the pandemic’s impact on the global economy, many people have come to recognize that it is difficult to hold onto employment that needs frequent face-to-face contact with others. To survive the impending challenges of survival, people started to look for opportunities that allow them to shift careers easily. The question remains: does this mean you need to go back to school and take another Bachelor’s Degree? To be more specific to this discussion, are there tech jobs that don’t require degrees at all?

Most tech jobs don’t require Degrees

Anyone interested in working in IT will be able to find a position that matches their abilities, talents, and passions. Many of the soft skills you already possess can be applied to a career in IT. All you have to do is choose which one is ideal for you and figure out how you’ll get the experience and/or training you’ll need to impress hiring managers.

Today is the perfect moment to seek a career in information technology

The rapid advancement of technology has led to several discussions on the internet in recent years, with many people claiming that college degrees are no longer required for people seeking employment in the information technology field. There are numerous jobs that don’t require degrees in the field of IT. Most IT jobs only demand proof that you can do the job through portfolios and prior experience.

Pursuing a career in technology may seem to be intimidating because of the existing notion that it requires skills and knowledge of coding. But, the fact that most of these trending jobs in tech don’t require degrees should make it a little less intimidating, right? However, not everybody is aware of what javascript or python, or web development is, and most likely than not, people do not understand a lot of the terms being used even on job postings.

IT occupations are not exclusively for mathematical geniuses. All you need is a growth attitude and an eagerness to learn new skills that will enable you and others to more effectively harness the power of technology.

Find your niche and upskill

Examine the skills and abilities you have and see if they align with the requirements listed in job listings related to information and technology. Find extra educational resources to help you fill in the gaps if you have any.

Make sure you’re up to date on the latest trending skills you can quickly get information about. A wide range of skills and knowledge can be learned online and most of them are free and available on YouTube. 

Take some time to learn more about a certain skill or area of interest to see whether it’s something you want to devote time and energy to. Then, you can look at paid training option which may include certificates, coaching, and advanced abilities that you can’t master on your own.

Now, you’ve already looked at all of your options. All you have to do is figure out which of these tech jobs is right for you and get the education you need to make it happen. Check out the WayMaker Digital programs page if you’re ready to kick start your career in technology.

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