Rising Female Tech Talent

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen an increase in the number of women working in technology. It’s becoming more and more common for women to work in IT. With the rising female tech talent, does this mean that the tech industry is finally narrowing the gap in employment opportunities between men and women?

Encouragement of women to pursue jobs in the technology industry is more than just a kind gesture performed in the name of equal representation in the workplace. Women provide valuable views to the creation and problem-solving processes in a variety of fields, from coding to cybersecurity to robotics.

According to researchers, increasing the number of women in tech professions will significantly expand the pool of bright workers. An increased female representation in technology will offer a completely new dimension to the breadth of the task. This enables whole new insights on previously unsolved problems.

Diversity in the workplace equates to more productivity

Decades of studies have established that diversity makes us smarter. It is preferable to bring diverse individuals with diverse perspectives to a complex topic in order to solve it. This way, all of these individuals can collaborate to present diverse perspectives and ultimately resolve the issue.

Diversification stimulates innovation in addition to problem-solving. When teams of employees are no longer confronted with the same recurring difficulties, they suddenly have time to invent fresh and new ideas.

In order to add context and insights to product strategy and design, generative user research is critical. During this phase, you can better understand users and their demands, which helps your team identify product requirements.

Are you a woman who dreams to have a career in technology?

Breaking long-held biases like girls not being “good” at math or science don’t happen overnight. We typically assume that web developers and office IT support employees are male, yet the phrase “nurse” may conjure up images of a young woman in our minds.

But as long as people of all demographics work in the same fields, there is nothing wrong with that. However, modifying our conceptions about acceptable professional pathways will be beneficial for developing a more diverse and inclusive community.

Who could better encourage more women to work in the tech industry than women themselves? Seeing a woman successful in a male-dominated field can inspire young women to see the gender gap shrinking in the workplace. Let us all encourage and contribute to the rising female tech talent in the IT industry.

A female mentor or role model can have a significant impact on how a young and hopeful woman sees herself and her future career path. In WayMaker Digital, we foster an environment where everybody’s ideas are entertained equally. If you are a woman and you seek to make a difference, WayMaker Digital can help you achieve your biggest dreams in the tech industry.

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