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Momentum Hosts a Webinar on the Trending Jobs in Technology

With aspiring migrant workers, there is always the common perception that the easiest way to get to the United Kingdom is to have a degree in healthcare. And they are not entirely incorrect. The only employment that has been created in the last 10 years, or even longer, that allows people to easily migrate to work in the United Kingdom is in the medical field. Momentum initiates a move that would open more interest in jobs in technology.

On May 2nd, 2022, WayMaker Digital will host a webinar on the topic “How to get a job in the UK in 8 weeks.”

The aim of the program is to introduce job opportunities in the tech industry that aspirants may want to consider other than healthcare. In fact, there has been a consistently increasing trend in the demands of data analysts, data scientists, software engineers, user research and design experts, and business analysts to name a few.

Now, not only does the United Kingdom provide more tech career chances for people who wish to relocate to the country, but it also provides more job opportunities for people who want to work remotely for UK-based companies and clients.

The webinar will help you understand that you do not need a degree to secure jobs in technology. The chances of working in the technology industry are so vast that anyone may try their hand at it and succeed. But of course, with a combination of willingness and determination to learn new skills.

Jobs in the IT industry are particularly results-oriented. Although many of them do not demand flashy degrees in information technology or computer and software engineering, the competition is primarily based on skills and previous work experience.

Changing careers can be a frightening and perplexing experience. However, with the help of WayMaker Digital’s Momentum program, you will be guided properly on how to approach these job opportunities. 

Join us in the webinar to learn more!

See you there!

Disclaimer: WayMaker Digital is not an immigration or employment agency. It is a company that assists in the development of the appropriate skillset for individuals who are eager to learn, progress, and explore opportunities in the technology industry.

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