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Momentum Celebrates a Successful Kickoff Webinar

The kickoff webinar on May 2nd covering the topic “How to get a job in the UK in 8 weeks,” was a huge success for Momentum! A thorough discussion on the subject opened up more opportunities for those who wish to work in the United Kingdom, or even just stay at home and work from their computers.

Achieving their target number of participants was a major accomplishment for the marketing team. A total of more than 200 people registered for the event, and the level of participation among the audience members was extremely high. In the kickoff webinar, we can see that individuals are now exploring alternative possibilities for how to make the most of their careers, and the topic demonstrated timeliness given the present employment crisis that everyone is facing nowadays.

Victor, the event’s keynote speaker, was able to cover all of the issues in detail, particularly when it came to introducing Momentum to the audience.

Although it was clearly stated in the disclaimer that WayMaker is not a job placement service provider, there were still topics asked on VISA applications and migration matters. 

For areas that we need to improve on, Kanika, one of our own, believes that it would be preferable to allow the participants to speak. When it came to the polls, the audience was extremely engaged, and the barrage of questions was both endless and high in volume. Although not all questions were answered due to time limits, all questions were compiled and addressed during the Q and A section of the program.

In addition to demonstrating the participants’ high level of interest and enthusiasm, enabling them to speak can actually develop a more personal connection between the speaker and participants, which is something that can be considered in the future webinars to be held in the future.

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