Demystifying the Business Analyst role

Key strategies to launch a career as a Business Analyst

Considering data from requests, enquiries and suggestions from our community, Momentum by WayMaker Digital has deemed it necessary to host this webinar as a way to help those who are trying to find their feet in a Business Analysis career. Our Speaker has over 15years of experience as an Agile Business Analyst, Delivery Manager, Product Manager/Owner, Scrum Master and more recently as an Agile Coach working with top UK companies in the private and public sector. Listed below are some of the key takeaways from this webinar, do not forget to share and inform others.

Target audience: Existing professionals, students (in and outside the UK), dependants, semi-skilled workers, degree holders and non-degree holders, interns, apprentices etc.


Becoming an efficient business analyst

Starting or switching into a business analysis career can appear daunting looking at the enormous content out there and so many opinions as to what to learn or focus on at the beginning.

A day in the life of a business analyst?

One of the worries of a new Business Analyst usually is, what will I do on my first day on the job? What questions will I ask? Who will I be meeting with?

Practical skills every business analyst should have

Business Analysts are expected to be versatile, analytical and able to facilitate conversations that bring about change in a business. So, what practical skills should a Business Analyst have?

Contributions of a business analyst to a project/organization

Business Analysts are change agents bringing about transformation to business processes. How do they contribute to the success of an organization?

How to win the hearts of hiring managers for a business analyst role

One of the key challenges of breaking into Business Analysis is acing your first interview. We will consider some key strategies you can use to win the heart of recruiters and hiring managers.

Major challenges business analysts face

We would be discussing some of the challenges Business Analysts face on the job and how you can easily overcome them.

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