scrum master versus project manager

Difference between Scrum Master and Agile Project Manager

Someone who is new to Agile may mistakenly think the roles of scrum master and project manager are interchangeable. You’ll have a higher chance of completing a large-scale project if you understand the differences between them.

How do we determine the differences between an agile project manager and scrum master?

The project manager is in charge of ensuring that all tasks are done on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the project’s many stakeholders. It is the job of a project manager to ensure that all aspects of the project meet the project’s requirements.

As an alternative, a scrum master works as part of a Scrum team. These people work with a team and break down a project’s timeframe into smaller, more manageable chunks. A sprint is a period of time, while a deliverable is a smaller goal within a sprint. The Scrum master leads a retrospective meeting at the end of each sprint. It’s encouraged that team members share their experiences and what they’ve learned to help them enhance their work during the retro sessions.

A Scrum Master is a coach and facilitator who helps the development team implement Agile principles in order to finish the work that the Product Owner has prioritized for completion.

To put it simply, project managers are more concerned with the end effects of their designs and systems than they are with the process of putting them into place. A scrum master is more concerned with ensuring that the project designs and systems are successfully implemented.

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