debunking myths about working in technology

Debunking Myths: 3 Major Myths About Working in the Tech Industry

Are you thinking of switching to a tech career? You don’t believe that tech isn’t for you––uncertainty with the work culture, no degree in math or science, or that tech is only for programmers and developers? There are a lot of misconceptions about what ‘working in tech’ actually is. While some of them are completely false, we can’t deny that others were, yeah, true at one time but aren’t anymore.

So here’s a list of the top 3 most common myths about working in the tech industry.

A degree in computer science or anything related is necessary to get a decent job.

Contrary to popular belief, not having a degree is not the end of the line if you want to get into the world of tech. Most tech professionals right now, especially those who jumped from one field to another, didn’t have formal training as it is not or will ever be a necessity to break into the industry.

Having the right mindset and dedication to the craft–learning and developing oneself is the most critical factor to getting in and being successful in tech. Although, if you want to power through and be ready for what is to come, enrolling yourself in online classes or getting coaching tutorials from professionals who offer such services is an option you most certainly can take.

Being proficient in Math and Science is needed to get into tech.

This, first of all, ranks number 1 among myths about working in the tech industry. Of course, having a good grasp of both Math and Science will work to anybody’s advantage regardless of whichever field they pursue. And although this set of skills will be helpful if you want to succeed in tech, it most certainly does not and should not be a significant factor when considering a career in technology.

There are a lot of areas in tech, most especially in design or digital marketing, where genuine artistry and communication skills come first before Math or Science. Generally, excellent problem-solving skills are the most, if not the pinnacle of most essential skills.

Tech is an all-male industry world.

There are many male-dominated companies out there; that is a fact. However, there are also a lot of female-owned, founded, and run tech companies as well. Skillcrush is a good example. With 90% of their employees, it is an inspiration for women to start embarking and shifting into the tech industry, too, without worrying that it is only for men.

With all of these three significant myths debunked, hopefully, we have provided you with some insight that will make you venture into the tech world. If you need more information, check out and join our boot camps at WayMaker Digital’s Momentum is a career acceleration program that trains, coaches, and mentors individuals who want to switch to the tech industry. Check us out now and apply for a slot today!

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